Tsuki's Place...

Because on the web, nobody has to know you're a dog.

Hi, my name is Tsuki Tan'i (that's kind of Japanese for Moon Unit), and I'm an Akita Actually, I'm more of a mutant ninja Akita, because I have long fur. I like my fur, but my people keep cutting it off. They say I get too much junk in my coat if they don't. I say it's my junk. Leave it alone.

I'm an only dog, so I'm only third in the pack behind my two legs. When I meet other dogs, I make sure I'm ahead of them in the pack. Mostly other two-legs are ahead of me in the pack, but I always test them to see if I can move up.

My people helped me put this page together as a dog's eye view of the world. What else would I have?

This is my turf, so you behave yourself, or else. Woof!

The End.

Anne Powell 2/16/98