Other dogs...

I don't know many other dogs. There's the big yellow dog that cuts through our yard, and drives me nuts. If I ever get loose, I'll give him what for.

One Sunday morning, Jeff left the gate open so I could go for a walk. I wandered around for a while, then went next door. You can get into their garage through the side door, so I went on in and found Hershey (a chocolate lab). Terrorizing Hershey for a while seemed like a good thing to do. I wasn't going to hurt her, I just wanted to lie down on top of her. But she kept howling and yelping until her person opened the door to the house and Hershey ran inside. Having thoroughly slimed Hershey and told her who was boss, I went back to my pen and went to sleep. I would have gotten away with it too, but my people noticed all the foxtails in my coat. Oh well.

There was only one dog that could make me belly-up. That was Taku (German Shepherd mix). I met him when he was old and I was a puppy. He used to make me roll over just by bluff-charging. He'd jump at me, and I'd roll over. It was a dumb game. I liked to play with his sister, Kimo, but he would always come break it up, and I had to just sit there. He wouldn't let me have any fun at his house. One day though, I went to his house and he wasn't there. I looked all over for him. Everybody else was there, but no Taku. I was sure he was going to jump out from around the corner all day. When we left that night, I stole his Plaque Attacker, which was his favorite toy. It's mine now. I won.

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