Dominance Games

I love to play the dominance game. I'm 24 inches at the shoulder and 90 pounds, and with my long coat, I look a lot bigger than that. I have my special "big dog" bark, and I like to get close to what I'm barking at.

My people had a party where there were lots of strangers, so I picked one woman to bark at. I could tell she hadn't been around big dogs that much. By the end of the evening, I had her so well trained that I didn't even have to raise my head when I barked at her. I'd just lie there, give one little "wuf" and she'd sit back down on the couch. Sit. Stay. Heh, heh.

Unfortunately, I think my people are getting smarter about the dominance game. Lately, new people I meet have been giving me commands, making me sit and down and stuff. That's not fair, because if they say my name and the command, I have to do it. I can still bark at them, but it's not as effective.

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