There are two kinds of food, dog food and people food. People food is stuff like fish, bagels, tortillas, and grapes. I keep trying to tell my people that in Japan, Akitas get fish and bagels all the time. They don't believe me.

Dog food is crunchy and comes in a bowl. It is important to protect your bowl from other dogs. That's why I think Scott is really a dog. I wasn't sure for a while, so I used to just stand near my bowl when he was around.

One night he came over to our house, got down on four legs and pushed me away from my bowl with his head. I was so surprised that I barked! Now when ever I see him coming, I have to eat every last kibble in my bowl. My human, Jeff, thinks this is very funny and keeps putting more and more food in my bowl. One night, Scott made me eat 7 cups of dog food. Thank goodness he doesn't live at our house. I didn't eat for two days after that!

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