Small critters...

Some dogs bark when they going to attack. That's dumb. If you're going to kill something, just kill it. Don't try to kill stuff when you're on leash though, cause people don't understand. I was walking with Anne once, and saw some kittens under a bush. I froze, crouched and launched. I would have had one too if Anne hadn't stopped me with the leash.

One night I was visiting our friends, after Taku and Kimo weren't there any more. They were old dogs, so a loosely secured wire fence around their dog pen worked fine. I saw a small animal just outside the fence. So I charged right under the fence. I don't remember whether I jumped on it with my feet or grabbed it by the head and shook. Either way, it wasn't much fun after that, it just layed there. Well, I thought I'd be friendly and sniff its! What an awful smell! The smell was on my nose and made my eyes burn. All the people came outside in a minute. They didn't like the smell either.

As if that wasn't bad enough, my people decided it was BATH TIME! It was the middle of the night! At least there wasn't any soap involved, just tomato juice, which is pretty good. Then they made me sleep the rest of the night outside. On the plus side though, I didn't smell like myself for months. I could have sneaked up on anything, and they would have just thought I was one of those skunk things.

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