The Amazing Leah leah on deck

Looking for adventure, bark and bark like thunder
If there is a rug I wanna know what's under.

Oh yeah, now I got a toy, prance around with a happy face,
Lying here on my back and then explode into space.

I'm a magnet for food, I was born, born to be rude!
Jump and run we're havin' fun.
Born to be rude.

Get out on the highway, ridin' in my truck now
Looking for the semis, gotta bark 'em good now!

I like chasing squirrels, dude, but ain't never caught one.
Stay out on the deck now, sleeping in the hot sun.

I'm a magnet for food, I was born, born to be rude!
Jump and run we're havin' fun.
Born to be rude.

Hi! I'm Leah, what's your name? Doesn't matter, scratch my belly. I'd be happy to lick your hand or toes, or knees, or nose, just pet me. My best buddy Nikki is over there, but she's shy, so pet me first. Hey, you got two hands, use 'em both.

Me 'n' Nikki live in a cool house with lots of toys and stuff to bark at. This is my third place. I was at the shelter twice, I don't know what I did to end up in the clink. I was just being a dog. I like this new place, and not just because Nikki's here. I get to sleep inside, on my own bed and everything.

Dogs don't seem to get in very much trouble here. We can dig outside and it's ok. I didn't even get into trouble when I got out of the pen. Good thing there aren't any chickens. That got me into a lot of trouble at my last house. I didn't hurt it, I just wanted to know what it tasted like. Like chicken. OK?

People have a hard time figuring out what kind of dog I am. I'm just a dog. I'm 48 pounds (22kg), a little lighter and a little shorter then Nikki. Jeff says I look like I've been riding a motorcycle in the mud. Sounds like fun, especially the mud bit. Some people think I'm mostly Australian cattle dog. Some people think I'm a Catahoula. Whatever. I don't care what kind of dog I am, I just care where I am in the pack. Right now I'm omega dog. That's a big responsibility and I take my job very seriously.

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Anne Powell 11/22/00