All the comforts of home

My people say I have two speeds: on and off. When I'm off, I'll take the most comfortable spot I can get. My first try at the best spot was the people bed. They only had to tell me four or five times that I wasn't going to get that bed. Oh well, I tried.

The next best spot was a foam pad that Nikki didn't like. I slept on that one for a week or two, until I discovered that Nikki's bed was better. Not only was it softer, it was closer to the people bed. So I took it. Nikki didn't care too much, and couldn't figure out how to throw me off her bed if I was belly up. I'm really sorry, but I'm not moving.

That was pretty good all summer. I had Nikki's bed, she had the floor. But when it started getting cooler in the fall, Nikki really wanted her bed back. Anne must have noticed, because she brought home another bed that was just like Nikki's, only better. The new bed was even softer, but they put it across the room from the people bed. Tough choice, but my sense of comfort won out over my sense of comeraderie and Nikki got her nasty old bed back.

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Anne Powell 11/22/00