What Foot Fetish?

Feet are so great. Feet are just the best thing in the world. Dog feet are for pulling on. I grab Nikki's feet and pull them out from under her, and she does the same for me. Nikki's also teaching me to lick my feet. She'll sit around and lick her left front foot for a long time. It's something to do.

But the best feet are people feet. Toes. Ankles. Especially arches. Anne was putting together a piece of furniture and every time she kneeled down, I helped by licking the bottoms of her feet. Even better is when they've been working in the yard, nice sweaty boot feet with a distinct but not pretentious background of wool.

Socks are good too. Used ones. Jeff came in from working in the yard and left wonderfully stinky socks on the floor. I couldn't help it, I just wanted to taste it. Mmmm feet. I just nibbled on it a little bit...I mean they're supposed to be tube socks. Shouldn't they be a tube? Well, Anne found them and explained to me that I shouldn't chew the toes out of socks. A couple hours later I grabbed it again, it's already ruined, right? I should get to chew it. But no. Next time I'll make sure nobody is watching.

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Anne Powell 11/22/00