Where did we get all these wonderful toys?

I have so many toys now I can hardly get around to playing with them all, but I try to at least move them all every day. Actually, the toys are a little confusing still. Almost everything is a toy, except for the bits that aren't. We got hard nylon toys that you can really grind on. We got the Plaque Attacker. We got rope toys to shred. We got clods of dirt and pieces of firewood. We got houseplants and used kleenex, and...

Uh, scratch that. Sometimes I get it wrong, like with the gloves. And the brush. And the screwdriver. And the dumbbell. I guess I should have known about the stairs, but you know how it is when stuff gets in your mouth kinda accidently.

We got the squeaky toy that Nikki's afraid of. We got rubber toys that sometimes Anne hides biscuits in. We've got a frisbee and tennis balls. Course, the best toy of all is Nikki.

Me 'n' Nikki play together lots. I can play with toys on my own, stomp on them, throw them over my shoulder, that kind of stuff. But it's more fun to play the toy game with Nikki. The rules are pretty easy. Nikki picks a toy to chew on. I have to let her chew on it by herself a little, then I can chew on it with her. After a little while I can take it and play keep away for a little while. Then either I give it back to Nikki or she picks a new toy, and we do it again. Sometimes this game annoys Nikki so I have to let her chew on my head a bit.

Recently, Anne got some new toys for us. One is a cloth tunnel. That's pretty fun. Nikki made a big deal out of it, like the tunnel was real scary. And then she blames me for making her learn something new. I don't know what her problem was, it's so obvious. People say "tunnel", you go through the tunnel. Duh.

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Anne Powell 11/22/00