A marshmallow in wolf's clothing

Fierce Creature?

Danno, aged 2, came to our house just in time for Easter weekend, 2006. The idea behind the name was to train him to speak, thus, "Bark 'em, Danno." But huskies don't bark much. On the other hand, he makes an excellent siren, which might have been one reason he was in the shelter. At our house, a little more howling won't matter much. Who's to say it wasn't the coyotes?

6/11/06 Big, big, big excitement today. I came home from the store and let the dogs out, only to discover that there was a wild turkey hen and several chicks just outside the dog pen. Leah barked, Danno whined, and the turkey went into full blown "broken wing, look at me, don't look over there." After five minutes of running around, dogs and turkey settled into something of a truce. The turkey walked around, a generous distance from the pen, not gobbling, but making something more like a squirrel bark. She was quite clearly annoyed. The dogs found a shady spot to watch the show. That seemed like a fine idea, so I got a cold drink and pulled up a chair. While I was inside, the turkey moved, and it took me a while to spot her again--this time, up in a plum tree. Yes, they can fly. Not well, but enough to roost in smallish trees.

6/20/06 The turkey has been back several times. She seemed to like hiding in the tall grass down by the road. Now that we've mowed, it will be interesting to see what she does. Our neighbor's meadow is unmowed, and since we had a wet spring, the grass is well over a turkey's head. At least now I know what to listen for. Unfortunately, so do the dogs.

8/15/06 There were two tigers hiding in the back of the closet. One is dead now. The other should consider itself warned. Apparently, stuffed animals must die...including fuzzy slippers.

9/26/06 An entire Plen-T-Pak of Juicy Fruit gum is missing. The outer foil wrapper was found in the middle of the living room floor. The rest is gone.

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Anne Powell 09/27/06