Test Plan


1.0 Purpose

This plan is designed to ...

2.0 Product Phases

First Release

State purpose and assumptions of this release milestone

Second Release

State purpose and assumptions of this release milestone


State purpose and assumptions for First Customer Ship.

Bug Management

State rules and assumptions for bug management (classification and what they mean) for each project phase. This is what bug "scrubs" will be based on.

3.0 Test Strategy

Coverage Description

Show the mapping of major product components to the tests.

Automated Tests

test harness 1

Describe the test harness and the general layout of the tests.

test harness 2

you might need more than one, like a command line tester and a gui tester. Or you might have legacy tests that run differently from newer tests

Manual Tests

test type

describe each test type that will be done manually. overview only

Paper Documentation

On-line Documentation

README files and the GUI on-line help must be manually checked. For on-line help, not only the content but the links must be checked.

4.0 Test Activities

Test activities fall into two broad categories, test development and release verification.

To build a regression test suite, it is important to have an extensive collection of automated tests. The items in the section Test Development represent the test development and debug. Test debug does represent testing of the product.

To verify that a particular set of bits is ready for release, a process of verification must be performed on those bits. The more stable a release is expected to be, the more time must be spent in release verification independent of test development.

Test Development


description & time estimate


description & time estimate

First Release Verification

Product Install

Test Execution

Product Documentation

Coverage measurement


Bug Fix Verification Status

Internal Deployment

Second Release Verification

5.0 Schedule

Collect the estimates from Section 4. Group into phases and priorities. Assign engineers.

6.0 Resource Requirements

Hardware Support

Operating System Support





7.0 Risks and Concerns

Contention for QE lab machines is starting to become a problem.
Limited team experience with .

Appendix - Release Criteria

What are the specific criteria for each phase that this product will go through? Be *very* sure to negotiate these up front to save much grief later.

First Release


Product Installability

Product Completeness

Test Execution

Product Documentation

Open Defects

Defect Submission Rate

Source Change Rate

Test Coverage


Bug Fix Verification Status

Internal Deployment

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