Quality Status Reports

Quality status reports come in all shapes and sizes. There should be some kind of heart-beat report that is e-mailed to the entire project team on a daily or weekly basis. A summary of the nightly test run is a great way to keep the team up to date on how the product is doing.

Another frequent report is a sort of Ten Most Wanted list. Depending on how your project is managed, it might be very appropriate for the quality team to publish a weekly list of the ten items they would most like to have resolved this week.

At each milestone listed in the test plan, a status report should also be created that reflects how close reality is to the plan. One way to do this is to use a test plan format that has a column for planned activity and a column for status. Sometimes this is hard to read and status would be better kept as a separate document.


Copyright 1998 Anne Powell

last update 3/8/98