Product Quality Goals

Progress implies a goal. Without clear quality goals agreed upon up front, it is impossible to determine if we have met our objectives. If we have not met our objectives, then we cannot in good conscience say that a product is ready to ship. Unpleasant as it may be, hashing out release criteria at the time the test plan is written is far superior to doing it at the release checklist meeting.

Of course, even if you have clear, measurable quality goals when you start the project, there's no assurance that the relative weight of the goals won't change over time. When a product is on time, the release date may be a less important factor than when the product is six months late.

For each release and major development milestone, the test plan should include specific measurable goals for product quality. These goals should include

Once these expectations are agreed upon, then there is a basis for negotiation if quality standards need to slide for business reasons.


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last update 3/5/98