The Black Team

The quote above is from Chapter 19 of Peopleware . If you've never read a project management book, read this one. If you've read every management book on the market, read this one. It's only about 200 pages long, you can read it in a weekend. I currently own 2 copies, and I know that between my husband and I, we have given away at least five more.

I have copied key chapters and given them to Facilities managers with notes saying, "I know you don't see yourself as the Furniture Police, but be careful because your latest proposal will cause other to see you this way."

The only people that I've never told to read this book are people who are still in school or have less than 6 months experience. After that point though, this is a good tool to help people start thinking about managing upward. Managing your manager is an important tool to help keep his or her hair from growing too pointy.


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